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Rotary International – La Cancha Project

The Mayor and townsfolk of Los Barriles, Baja Sur Mexico needed to upgrade the  40 year old La Cancha arena for the towns children and adult teams to use after school and during physical fitness participation. Bathrooms and changing areas were planned as improvements and refurbishing upgrades were planned for the town centre structure.  Various non-profit groups and community leaders led by Rotary International and the local Club Rotario chapter got together to fund the project.

The Rotary wanted to support programs in which children and adults alike could improve their well-being and not be tempted by drugs or other outside influences.

The contract was awarded to RLS General Contractors and completed on time and on budget ready for the Independence Day celebrations.

Subsequent projects including revised concrete wall installations, storage room, gate installations were also awarded to RLS General Contractors.

Testimonial Letter from Mayor – Delegation of Los Barriles

Letter from Mayor

Joint Project supported and funded by East Cape Rotary Club, Delegation of Los Barriles, Club Deportivo (Sports Club) of Los Barriles